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Touches like a ticket to heavenly heights. In areas where gravity ends and apply a completely different perception of feelings and body. Sensual touch, pressure, stroking, friction, whole body movements. Gliding over the surface, which is enhanced by the warm gel seaweed, helps the depth of experience and knowledge opens the door. It opens as wide as perhaps it has ever been. Incredibly intense feelings painfully excruciating pleasure. And then comes deliverance in the form of blissful climax. You ll feel rejuvenated and you will not want to back down.

The magical power of touch

Touches the hands and body. Excitingly enjoyable and deeply sensual. Refreshing and relaxing. A better way to relax your body and mind can not afford. And if you have some secret erotic dreams, and what the salon in Resslova street in Prague will experience firsthand surpass all your dreams. Take advantage of free taxi service and reward your tired body and soul aching what you poured new life to. Just outside the door you will get proper care. Experienced professionals will look after you so that return to reality will be delayed. But nothing will prevent it from again enjoy this amazing healing Nuru massage if after such pleasure you desire.

Nuru massage will get you to paradise
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